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In Closed domestic adoption, the children tend to be newborns or young infants. The birth parent(s) select the prospective adoptive applicants they would like to have parent their child. The private adoption agency or licensee must provide the birthparent(s) with at least three profiles from prospective adoptive parent(s). The birth parent(s) create an adoption plan and select the prospective adoptive applicants based on attributes most important to them, such as openness in adoption, culture, religion, hobbies/interests, and hopes and dreams for their child.

Open adoption is regularly a part of a domestic adoption plan. This entails an agreement between the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s) with the support of a birth parent counselor and the adoption agency or licensee. Open adoption works in the best interests of the child, to ensure that the child grows up knowing all parts of their family.

How We Work

PACA is a US law corporation providing quality professional adoption services to Birth Mothers and Adopting Parents nationwide including some international countries . PACA adoption services are nurturing and loving, and our entire staff is dedicated to helping guide everyone in the adoption triad through the adoption process with integrity and complete support.
Hiring an entity to support you on your adoption journey is a big step. All of the Adopting Parents and Birth Parents Private Adoption Law Center has worked with over the years faced the same decision you now face and they chose to work with Private Adoption Law Center because of our exceptional adoption services.
Private Adoption Law Center guides Adopting Parents and Birth Parents through every step of their adoption journey. The process has been built to support the development of trusting relationships between the Adopting Parents and the Birth Mothers. Private Adoption is able to help pregnant women through crisis situations while assisting hopeful Adopting Parents in attaining their ultimate goal to parent.
We guide you through the adoption process until you bring your baby home.

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The adoption process can be very complicated, and many families find it confusing and overwhelming. Hopeful adoptive parents often turn to Google to find information, but there’s too much information to make sense of it all. An adoption consultant is a professional who knows adoption inside and out. We help you navigate the process and help you make the best possible decisions to successfully say Hello Baby!
We mostly handle private adoption and will help you through the whole process until you finally bring your bundle of Joy home .

Who does Private and close adoption work with?

We believe that on the outside families can look very different, but on the inside, they all share the same heart. We proudly work with traditional couples, same-sex couples, and single parents. We also work with all families regardless of religion, race, or cultural background.
Whoever you are—there is an expectant parent looking for someone just like you.
Private and close adoption works with families in all stages of the adoption process. If you are looking for a specific service that we don't cover here, please contact us to discuss your unique needs.

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Adoptive Parents

We help Adoptive Parents fulfil their dreams of parenting. We offer the following services to Adoptive Parents looking to adopt a baby:

• Adoption Services to help you legally adopt a beautiful newborn

• Adoption Services for your complete legal protection and peace of mind

◦ Private Adoption Law Center is a leading internet advertiser of adoption services, with prominent worldwide advertising campaigns. In addition, Private Adoption Law Center's professional staff reaches out to health and social services organisations to connect with potential Birth Mothers.

• uccessful and Reputable Adoption Professionals:

◦ Private Adoption Law Center's proven and experienced network of adoption attorneys, adoption agencies and social workers are dedicated to the successful completion of your adoption journey.

◦ Please note: For the legal completion of any adoption, you will separately retain the appropriate legal entity(ies) in your state and the Birth Mother's state for necessary representation.

• Information on Financing Available:

• Excellent Birth Mother Care and Screening Process:

◦ Handling the initial call from a Birth Mother is a very emotional and sensitive moment. Private Adoption Law Center’s Adoption Advisors strive to build trust with the Birth Mother, ensuring that her emotional needs are met. Private Adoption Law Center will then set up comprehensive consultations with each Birth Mother to determine her commitment level and explain the adoption process. Private Adoption Law Center will also obtain as much information as possible about the Birth Parents such as their health history, ethnicity and social background.

• Supporting the Birth Mother Healing Process:

◦ nce the baby is born, the Adoption Advisor will follow up with the Birth Mother, to provide her with continued support and resources throughout her healing process. Every effort is made to treat the Birth Mother with respect and tenderness.

Why Private Adoption Law Center

•We help most of our clients to adopt within 3-5 months following home study approval regardless of age, family size, religious affiliation, or income.

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Building a Solid Foundation

•We explain the private, domestic adoption process and give you a sense of what to reasonably expect on your journey.

•Our Adoption Consultants assess your adoption objectives, expectations, perspectives and preferences, collaboratively designing the framework in which you will be found by searching Birth Mothers.

•You will be given the opportunity to speak directly with one of Private Adoption attorneys in order to ask questions and evaluate whether we are the right fit for one another before any agreement is signed.

•Our Medical Records Specialist, with a medical release from the Birth Mother and where possible in accordance with state law, obtains medical and statistical information on the Birth Mother, including proof of pregnancy and a health history.

•Once a Birth Mother chooses you as the prospective Adopting Parents, Private Adoption analyses the alignment of her and your adoption preferences as well as the legal requirements, compliance measures and applicable state laws to determine a structured, stable and appropriate legal pathway for the adoption plan.

•With as many details as possible, and with the Birth Mother’s hopes in our hands, an Adoption Advisor will call you to present the adoption opportunity. This call includes a review of the Birth Parents’ relevant information and clarifies the details of an adoption plan including Birth Parent termination, allowable Birth Mother living expenses and other legal requirements.

•After you have accepted the adoption opportunity, your Adoption Advisor will arrange an introduction phone call between you and your Birth Mother and will continue to guide you regarding your ongoing relationship with your Birth Mother throughout the adoption process.

•Our staff will manage the adoption plan throughout the pregnancy, including liaising between you and your Birth Mother, communicating significant developments and sharing the most current information received from medical resources, including records, regarding the health of the Birth Mother and baby, unless a specific state law disallows this role.

•We will arrange for the Birth Mother’s housing, food, and other pregnancy-related needs when possible, in accordance with state law and through an established trust account.

Private Adoption Law Center sets itself apart from all other adoption entities by implementing our top priority of providing the greatest care and support throughout the entire adoption journey in helping provide families with the ultimate GIFT of life.

When it comes to your adoption journey, whether you’re a Birth Parent or an Adopting Parent, the Private Adoption family will hold your hand throughout every step of your adoption process.

We promise to provide you with an adoption process with the utmost:





How we can assure this has everything to do with WHY we do what we do: the Private Adoption family takes pride in making other Families’ dreams of being parents come true! Our founders and many of our team members have experienced the adoption process themselves (as Adoptive Parents, Birth Parents, and adoptees). Through their passion and dedication to helping those just like them, Private Adoption prides itself on sharing the same beliefs and goals as you: to provide Guidance, Integrity, Faith & Trust to your adoption process through the ultimate GIFT of life.

The Adoption Consultancy will help you navigate what can be an overwhelming, complicated, time-consuming and frustrating process. We help you avoid and overcome domestic adoption difficulties, disappointments and obstacles. We’ll provide the knowledge and insider’s perspective you need to overcome your fears and concerns. We’re with you every step of the way to guide you or even just to provide a listening ear. We’ve experienced a wide variety of adoption possibilities and know how to get through them. You can complete your domestic adoption, on average, within 3-5 months after your home study is ready.

We handle adoptions in the following countries and can still help you through your adoption journey if you are not among these countries by locating a birth mother in your country and a lawyer to facilitate your adoption .

United States, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Finland

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Our Mission Statement

To improve the life of a child. To help women find courage in choosing adoption and seeking the best life she can for her baby.
To fulfil the dreams of Adoptive Parents and to build families. “Helping Build Families, One Miracle At A Time®”

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