Legal Adoption in Australia

The Department for Child Protection is the only agency in South Australia that can organise an adoption.
Adopting a locally born child is a 4 step process and obtaining approval as a prospective adoptive parent may take up to 2 years from the time you first express an interest in applying.


To be eligible to adopt a locally born child, you must meet all of the following criteria. These requirements are set out in the Adoption Act 1988

• You must be a resident of Australia and living here.

• You must be a permanent resident of Australia.

• You must be an Australian citizen, and in the case of joint applicants, at least one of the applicants must be an Australian citizen.

• You cannot be registered as a prospective adoptive parent if you had a previous registration that was cancelled on the grounds that it was improperly obtained.

• You cannot be registered if a child has, at any time, been removed from your care and become the subject of an order made under child protection legislation.

• You cannot be registered if you have been convicted of an offence involving:

• violence towards a child

• abuse of a child

• abduction of a child.

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Adoption process

There are 4 stages in the local adoption process including :

• initial screening and expression of interest

• application and assessment

• allocation and placement

• after the adoption order.

Available Children

A note from Private and Legal Adoption Network Law Center

If you are considering adopting domestically in Australia , contact our Private Adoption Services Call +1 (919) 576-9249 to speak with one of our amazing team members or visit Our Facebook Page for more information to adopt in your Country Australia.
Every Parent Is Different. We Prepare A Plan Specifically For You - Customized To Your Needs And Level Of Comfort
• Risk assessment on every potential birth mother opportunity to help you avoid losing time and money in an unsuccessful match.

During that time, we have worked hard to build a relationship with 40+ different adoption providers (agencies and attorneys) who have the legal authority to place a child for adoption. Due to our unique working relationship, these 40+ adoption providers allow our client families to have a profile shown to a prospective birth parent(s) at no legal or financial obligation. If the adoptive client family should be selected by the birth parent(s) and accept the “match,” then and only then do they make a financial and legal commitment to that adoption provider. Prior to a “match” our client families are able to wait on their financial or legal commitments and have a greater opportunity to view information from a variety of agencies and attorneys.

We work with all types of families from single persons, married couples (traditional and same sex), domestic partnerships and common law couples. We accept all faiths and races. Our guiding principal is your family is able to successfully complete a home study and provide a stable home with unconditional love for a child/children. We do request you have a brief phone interview with the president of our organization to assess if your priorities match our service abilities.

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