Legal Adoption in USA

The US Closed Adopton Organisation is home to families seeking adoption opportunities and looking resources to begin their journey. Whether you are looking to adopt, looking to place your child for adoption, or searching for information about home studies and where to begin the process, the following information will be your guide to all things adoption in the United State.

What you need to know about adopting a baby in the United States

To get started on your adoption journey, it is important to understand some of the fundamental aspects and frequently asked question about the process.

Here are a few things to know when considering adoption in United States.

What are the laws and requirements for adopting a baby in United States?

General guidelines for adoption in United States include:

• If married, both husband and wife must be at least 19 years old.

• Married applicants must have been married for 3 years.

• Single persons may apply to become Adoptive Parents.

• Persons of any religious faith or background may attempt to adopt.

• Either the Birth Mother or Father must be a U.S. citizen.

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Families hoping to adopt must also provide medical reports indicating good health, have sufficient income and savings, pass a criminal background check, and be willing to provide medical treatment to the adoptee as needed.

How much does it cost to adopt a baby in United States?

The cost to adopt a child in United States can range vastly depending on the type of adoption you decide to pursue. Adoptive Parents are permitted to pay for Birth Mother expenses such as:

• Medical bills

• Counseling services

• Rent

• Fees from an agency

• Travel expenses

• Legal representation

• Payments from Prospective Adoptive Parents to the Birth Mother should be approved by court.

• Have financial and family stability

• Complete criminal background checks and child abuse registry checks for all household members who are 19 and older

• Provide character references

• Be physically able to care for the child

• Attend preparation training

• Complete a home safety inspection

• Complete a home study

What is a facilitator and is it legal to use their services for adoption in the United States?

It is illegal for any person or agency to advertise that they will assist with adoption, assist with placing a child into foster or group homes, or pay the child’s Birth Parents. An adoption facilitator specializes in matching prospective Adoptive Families with expectant mothers using advertising.

Home study and Post Placement Requirements in the United State.

Prospective Adoptive Parents in the US are required to complete a home study before beginning the adoption process and a postplacement assessment after the adoption takes place. Both will assess your ability to provide a safe and stable environment for the child you wish to adopt.

What is a home study and what happens during the process?

A home study is a preplacement investigation to ensure your home will provide a child with stability, safety, and support. It is also a resource for Prospective Adoptive Parents to asks questions about the process and prepare for the adoption.

In the US, the investigation of the Prospective Adoptive Parents will include :

• Criminal background checks

• The costs and expenses related to the adoption

• The suitability of each parent and their home

• Any orders or judgements that may affect the child

• Any other circumstances that may be relevant to the placement of the child

A home study in the US will include:

• Criminal background checks

• At least one home visit and several individual interviews with the applicants

• Reasons for adopting, information about the family background, and future plans of the applicants

• Interview with at least two references that recommend the applicants for approval

• Completion of adoption training courses

• A diagnostic evaluation to recommend the type of child

Home studies must be completed within 24 months of the placement of a child and a child may not be placed in a home prior to the completion of the home study investigation.

Who oversees a home study in the US and who is included in it?

A home study in the US may be conducted by the Department of Human Resources, a licensed child-placing agency, a licensed social worker, or an individual licensed by the department to perform the investigations.
The Prospective Adoptive Parents will be investigated during the home study.

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