Birth Mothers

Most of Private and Closed adoptions are of newborns and infants, although we do work with adoptive parents seeking to adopt a toddler, preschool-aged child, or a child up to seven years old.

Are you pregnant? Are you trying to make the best decision for your baby’s future – and your own?

You may be feeling scared, vulnerable, and alone. You’re struggling with some very hard choices. And you may have lots of unanswered questions. Who will raise my baby? Can we stay in touch? How will I support myself and move forward with my life?

Private and closed Adoptions understand the concerns of birthmothers – just like you – and we can help. Whether a first time pregnancy, hard to place, special circumstances, or your Private and closed situation, we offer a highly personalized approach to adoption.

Dear Birthmother, are you thinking about placing your baby for adoption? Are you worried about what the future holds – for you, and for your baby?

Here are some of the services available through our Birthmothers Adoption Program

Nationwide assistance

Custom birthmother adoption plans for open or Legal Adoption
Birthmother Relocation Program
Personalized Birthmothers Adoption Plan
All medical and legal assistance is provided for
Many opportunities for follow up contact through pictures and letters if desired
No foster care
Caring, dedicated staff of professionals available 24/7
Educational programs and tuition for a future career
You choose the adoptive parents that meet your specific criteria
Birthmother Housing Plan
Birthmother Support Group – talk with past clients about their experience
Meet and Greet adoptive parents prior to birth
Immediate hospital placement for the adoptive couple you choose
One-on-one attention – you won’t get lost in a large, crowded agency

Questions Birth Parents Ask

Can I change my mind after placement?

Once you sign the affidavit of relinquishment, your decision is final. Our goal is to help you reach a decision that you are comfortable with before you take that step.

Will the adoption plan cost me anything?

No, adoption is at no cost to the birth mom. It is possible to receive financial assistance during pregnancy depending on what the state you live in allows for necessary living expenses such as: clothing, food, housing, phone service, pregnancy related transportation and utilities once you are matched with a family of your choice.

What will my child think of me?

Making an adoption plan is a special way of showing love to your child. You gave the child the gift of life, while putting his or her needs first with a future filled with opportunities. This will be explained to your child as he or she grows and develops. You will not be forgotten. We know from our adoptees, now young adults, who have told us that they are thankful their birthparents gave them the opportunity for a wonderful life.

Who are the families adopting through Private and Legal Adoption?

For your peace of mind and the welfare of the child, we carefully screen every prospective parent. We visit their homes, run background and criminal checks. They are all healthy and financially secure. Since we are a small agency, we know all our parents extremely well and we can ensure that your child will be raised in a safe and loving home.

What kind of help will I receive from Private and Legal Adoption?

Private and Legal Adoption offers you medical care, counseling, and maternity-related expenses such as rent, transportation, utilities, maternity clothing, and food allowance. We will continue to assist you financially for 6 to 8 weeks after the adoption. We work hard to take care of your needs.

Can I choose the adoptive parents for my baby?

Of course! We will talk with you about your special preferences for an adoptive family, such as religious beliefs, siblings, or a family with a stay-at-home parent. You can review details such as letters, pictures, and written information about fully-screened families who meet your personal choices. You will be given the opportunity to evaluate detailed photo albums complete with letters from the prospective parents. In some situations, you may decide to leave the choice of an adoptive family to us.

Can I choose an open or a Legal Adoption?

Definitely! You can choose the degree of openness or have a completely Legal Adoption if you wish. You can meet the family or never have contact at all. You will decide what is best for your peace of mind.

What will happen before the baby is born?

A highly skilled, caring adoption counselor will meet with you in total confidentiality at your convenience. You can also meet with a lawyer who specializes in adoption. You may select the adoptive family for your baby or leave that up to us. If you wish, you can meet the family you have chosen prior to the baby’s birth or speak with them on the phone.Private and closed

What help can I receive from Adoptions With Love after my baby is adopted?

We are committed to you throughout the adoption process as well as afterwards. We do not disappear. Adoption counseling services are available to you and we will pay for $700 of your counseling bills up to a year after the adoption.

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The Private and closed Adoptions Birthmother Adoption Program was created around your needs. You will decide what type of adoption you want, and you will choose your baby’s adoptive family.

Our Mission Statement

To improve the life of a child. To help women find courage in choosing adoption and seeking the best life she can for her baby.
To fulfil the dreams of Adoptive Parents and to build families. “Helping Build Families, One Miracle At A Time®”

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